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We've made it!

Yay! You've not truly made it as an independent game development company until your game is syndicated by fake download sites. On behalf of the DSS management team I'd like to thank all our employee's for making this day happen!

On another note, as much as we all have a distaste for the DMCA, this seems to be an appropriate use of that channel & one that I'm surprised doesn't get used more often. As far as I can tell this site provides no value and confuses our customers. Can we get Patch Eudor on this ASAP? We need to encourage widespread news of our game, but at the same time these fake download sites need to be policed. Be on the lookout for any site that publishes a big download button as an ad and otherwise provides no value to anyone. Those are sites we don't want our game listed within. How are these companies still in business? Oh, look at the sheer number of ads. Ugh.

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